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Tesla Turbine

Tesla Turbine

Tesla Turbine

Quite a number of people know of the brilliant and eccentric man that arrived, at a time when New York needs someone just like him, in 1884. Known as the “Father of Alternating Current”, which an electricity type equipment that delivers power to every homes and businesses, Nikola Tesla was an extraordinary inventor who made use of ideas to answer a broader range of pragmatic issues. Inventions that are dear to him like system generators, transmission lines, transformers lighting and motor was nothing compared to his 1913 invention, which we all know today and widely used, Tesla Turbine.

The Tesla Turbine Invention

He has held almost 275 patents in over 25 countries and 115 of them are located around the United States! However, did you know that the term used for Tesla’s invention, which is “turbine”, tends to be a little misleading? Majority of people would think that a turbine is something that would look like a shaft that has blades that would look like the ones found on an ordinary fan, which fastened to it. Webster has even defined “turbine” as something of an engine that is turned with the force of gas or water with a fan blades. However, Tesla turbine does not have those blades.

The Tesla Turbine Design

It is actually a series of tightly packed disks, parallel with each other and is attach to a channel. It is actually, arranged inside a tightly packed chamber. One fluid enters the chamber and passes between disks, these disks would rotate the shaft. The rotary motion of Tesla turbines could be use in many ways. These include powering blowers, compressors and pumps to running airplanes and cars. There were even claims made by Tesla that these turbines are the simplest designed and most efficient designed rotary engine.

The machine, according to people said to be too much ahead of its time. If there were more advanced materials that were available for Tesla to use, then this invention could have surpassed other discoveries during this generation. The basic concept that originated in the Tesla turbine is what many modern day automotive designers. This 100-year-old technology of Tesla turbine, which holds the layer of boundary for the flat disk turbine, helps many people in the field of engineering. As a supreme visionary, Tesla always sees things in a wider prospective. He may not have lived long enough to see his invention get this far, but the benefits that people get out of it and the ideas are certainly worth everything especially the Tesla Turbine.