Tesla Generator

Tesla Generator

Tesla Generator

The fact is that oil fuel resources in the world are depleting and the quest is on for alternate sources of energy that will keep the pace of the furious activity going on in the planet. Alternate energy sources also spare the earth’s environment from the obnoxious and poisonous fumes and toxins that conventional power generation methods bring along. As a consequence, natural resources are also saved.

In 1891 Nikola Tesla invented the landmark Tesla coil that produced high voltage, low current, and high frequency alternating current. The uniqueness about the Tesla coil was that it could be used to generate a very powerful electrical field. He also patented the Tesla generator that can be used to produce free electricity any time.

Tesla coils are used in applications like x-ray generation, transmission of electrical energy without wires, etc. Today they are being extensively used in the entertainment and educational industries. The Tesla coils in their earliest form of design used a medium-to-high voltage power source and high voltage capacitors and spark gaps. These were used to excite the primary inductors of the resonant transformer. The resonant inductive coupling was used to tune the primary and secondary coils to generate the same frequency, typically between 2 MHz and 25 kHz.

The Tesla coil design enthusiasts have used variations of the Tesla coil to design free energy devices like the Tesla generator. The Tesla coil is very reliable and its unique spark gap pattern works cheaper than many other designs.

Nikola Tesla is known to have spent about 30 years researching, designing and developing the Tesla generator. He was backed in the research by funding from George Westinghouse and J.P. Morgan. The effort was purportedly quashed by the big energy companies when they realized that free energy would mean the death of their energy profits.

Tesla Generator Cost

It would cost only an approximate hundred dollars to build the Tesla generator today. The Tesla generator harnesses the power of the radiant energy that is omnipresent to power a home. It is practically a fuelless generator.

His first experiment used an insulated metal plate high up in the air and another one on the ground. A wire connected the metal plate to one side of a capacitor, and another wire connected the other side of the ground plate to the capacitor. The radiant energy of the sun created positively electrified minute particles. When these strike the upper plate they communicated a charge. As the other terminal of the condenser was earthed, a feeble current flowed through the circuit. The condenser kept getting charged and there was a constant current flowing. When he realized that this was not the end design he further invented the turbine and the uni-polar dynamo.

Tesla’s intention was to use the energy that was trapped between the earth and its upper atmosphere and turn it into an electric current. He pictured the sun as a positive source of energy and the earth as a negatively charged body. The positive charges stopped at the ionosphere and the negative charges were on the ground, at a distance of about 60 miles and constituting a potential difference of 360,000 volts. This idea of trapping the vast amount of omnipresent energy led to the development of the Tesla coil and thereafter the Tesla generator.

Modern Day Tesla Generator Options

The modern version of this system would be a self-oscillating capacitive system. Once the system is set into oscillation, there is almost no power involved in driving the load. The current flowing through the system will be low. At this low current, the oscillations would continue for a long period of time.

A Tesla generator is very easy to build and will save any consumer huge amount of money in the long run.

After a century there is renewed interest in alternate sources of energy and Tesla generator holds a lot of interest and promise in this area. People are trying to use this Tesla’s principles and design for large scale energy generation. It has been alleged that Tesla’s designs have been hidden from view of the public because of the economic upsets that it would have caused to the big conventional power generation companies. However, with electricity prices on the rise, and environmental issues assuming larger proportions in sustainable power generation, enthusiasts are evincing interest in this area, in particular with regards to the Tesla Generator

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